Learning and Development Articles

Learning Development Gets A Bad Rap And We're Partly To Blame

Chris Straley
October 12, 2017

This article examines why many organizations do not value or maximize learning development resources, part of which falls back on the practitioners themselves.

What Does An Instructional Designer Do?

Sprout Labs
August 27, 2017

This article outlines the many competencies instructional designers must develop in order to deliver meaningful training. It considers the role from both a historic and modern perspective.

A Quick Introduction To LMS Standards

Trina Rimmer
August 24, 2017

This article explains the purpose of LMS standards and reviews three that have supported the learning industry: AICC, SCORM, and xAPI. The article also introduces a fourth standard, cmi5, which attempts to blend characteristics of both SCORM and xAPI.

Does eLearning Work? What the Scientific Research Says!

Will Thalheimer
August 18, 2017

This paper evaluates the effectiveness of eLearning in comparison to other modalities, as well as identifies effective practices that transcend learning vehicles entirely.

Converting Traditional Multiple Choice Questions to Scenario-Based Questions

Christy Tucker
August 1, 2017

This article explores how to rewrite bland multiple choice questions which measure simple recall, as engaging scenario-based questions which measure higher-level thought and provide relevant context.

Measuring the Business Impact of Learning

Piers Lea, Chief Strategy Officer at NetDimensions’ partner company LEO and Donald H Taylor, Chairman of the Learning and Performance Institute
July 12, 2017

In this conversational interview, Piers and Donald, two industry professionals, discuss the growing call to demonstrate the ROI of corporate learning initiatives and the thinking driving this movement.

How To Speak About Training ROI Without Devolving Into Bullsh*t!

Chris Straley
June 29, 2017

This article describes how learning professionals can speak about training ROI in a meaningful and honest manner to demonstrate the value of learning initiatives without overstating results and thereby discrediting the industry.

8 LMS Metrics To Use In Performance Management Online Training

Christopher Pappas
June 3, 2017

This article provides eight ways in which you may use an LMS to assess job performance. It covers completions, surveys, and simulation activities, as well capturing consumer feedback and linking to business metrics.

Designing Your Course Structure

Mukund Aralikatti
June 3, 2017

This article outlines a thoughtful approach to estimating the necessary duration of an eLearning deliverable and provides tips regarding how to structure it accordingly.

The Science Behind A Low “No Show” Rate

Erin Stashin
May 16, 2017

Review practical tips to maximize ROI on training classes through sound communication and promotion techniques.

The 7 Golden Rules of Public Speaking for a Tight Delivery

Dave Mac
April 24, 2017

This brief article presents practical tips to apply when preparing to give a presentation. It specifically focuses on placing the speaker, rather than her slides, front and center.

How to Use Positive Feedback to Build Leadership Skills

Steffen Maer
April 21, 2017

Read how to put the positive feedback you receive into action to drive additional successes as both an employee and a manager of others.

5 Highlights From LinkedIn’s 2017 Workplace Learning Report

Chris Straley
March 5, 2017

This past October LinkedIn assembled the 2017 Workplace Learning Report to provide an overview of industry statistics, trends, and recommendations. This article summarizes the second half of the report titled “How to Succeed in the Future State of L&D”.

Think your slides are great? Better ask your audience!

Mike Taylor
February 17, 2017

This article provides tips you can use to improve the quality of PowerPoint presentations.

40+ Interactive E-Learning Games and Examples

Various Authors
February 2, 2017

Explore a number of real game-based interactions in Articulate from various authors who submitted examples.

Three Tips For a Successful eLearning Project Kickoff Meeting

Tim Slade
December 19, 2016

This article describes the purpose of holding a project kickoff meeting when working on an eLearning deliverable and provides helpful hints about how to run it effectively.

9 Worst UX Mistakes You Must Avoid

Alok Singh
December 8, 2016

This article focuses on UX Design mistakes as they apply to websites, much of which translate to eLearning Development, a closely-related discipline.

What Do You Know: Do We Learn Less from Screens?

Patti Shank
December 7, 2016

This article examines how the presentation of content in print versus online via a screen affects comprehension and retention.

The 4 W’s of Microlearning Mobile Strategy

Designing Digitally, Inc.
November 28, 2016

This article defines microlearning, summarizes a few of its advantages, and discusses where and when to use it.

Different Types of Gamification and Choosing the Correct Strategy: Gamification vs. Serious Games

Aman Deep Dubey
November 25, 2016

The author summarizes two different approaches to gamification that vary by the time, cost, and effort necessary to create a solution, and examines when to use each approach.

I Don’t Want “To Understand” In My Learning Objectives

Viv Cole
November 21, 2016

As the title suggests, this article describes why the word, “understand” does not lend itself to writing strong learning objectives.

Employee Learning and Development: The 70:20:10 Model – Relevant or Refuse Bin?

Chris Osborn
November 21, 2016

his article summarizes the 70:20:10 model, explains its lack of validity, and suggests alternate steps to improve learning and retention.

Expand Your E-Learning Career by Expanding Your E-Learning Toolbox

Tim Slade
November 1, 2016

This article highlights supplementary tools eLearning professionals can use in conjunction to their primary authoring tool (Articulate, Captivate, etc.), to create high quality learning solutions.

Five Mistakes To Avoid When Working With Subject Matter Experts

Tim Slade
October 22, 2016

This article examines how to build a strong relationship with the SMEs with whom learning professionals must work when developing solutions.

Bad Writing Is Destroying Your Company’s Productivity

Josh Bernoff
September 6, 2016

This article considers the adverse impact of poor writing practices in the workplace including use of passive voice and extensive jargon.

Has Training Lost Its Personality?

Alan Landers
August 14, 2016

This article examines the struggle to create fun and memorable learning experiences in a corporate world that subtly discourages creative outlets for training.

Comic Books & eLearning: Lessons from Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art”

Jeffrey Dalto
August 12, 2016

This article examines similarities between comic book and eLearning design and outlines how principles transfer across the two mediums. Specifically, it summarizes concepts from each of the nine chapters in Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art and discusses how they still apply when building eLearning deliverables.

Demystifying 8 Corporate Learning Buzzwords, Or Let’s Cut To The Chase

Chris Straley
August 11, 2016

This article provides background and context for eight common buzzwords that permeate corporate learning cultures.

Using Word Clouds to Support Learning & Development

Chris Straley
May 30, 2016

This article explores creative ways learning professionals may use word clouds as a tool throughout the ADDIE process to deliver relevant, targeted, and measurable training.

Learning And Development: Anyone Can Do It… Right?

Chris Straley
May 15, 2016

Learning professionals working in a corporate environment often encounter the belief that anyone with expertise in an area can and should create training solutions. While most learning professionals undoubtedly deem this attitude as annoying, counterproductive, and even disrespectful, most rational people do not go out of their way to denigrate another individual’s profession. So what drives this cavalier attitude toward training, that anyone can do it? This article explores three potential reasons.

Why is Gamification not a Magic Bullet for Organizations?

John Turner
May 4, 2016

This article discusses the need to formulate a concrete plan when using gamification in learning deliverables and gives examples of approaches developers may adopt.

Organizational Trends In Learning And Development

Chris Straley
April 29, 2016

Members of ATD may access the complete ATD’s 2015 State of the Industry report for free, while non-members may order it for a one-time charge. Learning practitioners who want greater context, industry-specific information, and charts that outline organizational trends over time should review the full report. This brief summary provides high level information learning professionals may use as a point of reference when helping executives, Subject Matter Experts, and those new to the profession better understand the current landscape.

Andragogy versus Pedagogy: An Unnecessary Paradigm

Chris Straley
April 21, 2016

How can a thoughtful learning professional best address the needs of learners regardless of their age? The following article provides some thoughts on the pedagogy vs andragogy dichotomy.

How to Chunk Training Materials

Jeffrey Dalto
October 31, 2014

This  article describes how the instructional design practice of chunking information drives retention by aligning with the mechanics of working and long-term memory.

Graphic Design Tips for eLearning: 25 Fundamental Techniques

Jeffrey Dalto
August 20, 2014

This extensive article explores tips to improve retention via the use of strong visuals. It examines how graphics can reduce complexity by depicting what might otherwise take a long time to describe verbally, direct the learner’s attention, build emotional engagement, and more.