Created as a learning project management tool, Instructional Design Genius has evolved and grown into a consulting driven, cloud- based software platform that enables organizations to apply data & analytics to drive strategy and answer pressing business questions.



Our Credence consulting solution starts with a question that leaders need answered. We collaborate with our partners to learn their key business processes and how change can be observed. The result is a clear understanding of how operations and metrics interact and how change will impact the organization.

Our models embrace the uncertainty of actual business operations. We constuct and train models based upon an organization’s past performance. The model can then predict future business results after thousands of simulations. Leaders are guided to answers with clear results that continue to track the desired impact to the business and it’s bottom line.

Project Management

Manage your Learning Design Projects.


For organizations looking to assess the impact of training, our cloud-based software platform provides a consistent, proven process to manage learning projects.

Instructional Design Genius enables learning professionals to structure the scoping process, capture the opportunity cost associated with training, track budget, create storyboards, and estimate work efforts in order to create learning deliverables. This systems helps teams deliver results as efficiently as possible, while staying on budget.

For high-value training initiatives, insights from our Credence consulting solution integrate directly with our training software platform. Credence allows organizations an unprecedented understanding of training impact and a path to further optimize training to increase ROI.