What is IDG?

Welcome to Instructional Design Genius, a comprehensive end-to-end platform that supports learning professionals as they plan, build, deploy, and measure training initiatives. 

IDG assists in estimating time & costs associated with development, tracks budget, builds storyboards & communications campaigns, organizes training deployments, and isolates business impact so users can correlate ROI specifically with training. 

Better yet, IDG is platform agnostic meaning it complements any production tool of your choosing, so you can continue using whatever eLearning development, graphic design, animation, or audio software you use today.

How Does IDG Work?

IDG offers guidance the moment you receive a request for a training solution. In fact, IDG helps you determine if training would even solve the "challenge-at-hand" cost-effectively. 

Once you’ve decided to proceed, IDG guides you through the information-gathering process of the analysis phase and sorts key information necessary to create a training proposal. 

At the end of the analysis phase, IDG estimates time & cost necessary to build a solution, identifies expenses related to development, and outlines the opportunity cost of training your desired audience. 

Most importantly, it defines the desired behavior-based learning outcomes in terms of business/organizational impact. 

Once in the design and development phases, IDG includes a suite of tools to collaborate with SMEs, project sponsors, and other learning team members. Storyboard, conduct UX & functional testing, and ensure your solution complies with LMS system requirements.

During implementation IDG allows users to build deployment strategies that incorporate pilots and control/test groups so you can measure training effectiveness while minimizing the impact of outside factors. 

Then, use IDG’s measurement tools to demonstrate the correlation between training and specific business metrics to evaluate ROI. No other platform offers this end-to-end support.

Track business metrics throughout evaluation. Then, corroborate data-based findings by capturing in-person observations that demonstrate behavior change on-the-job. Gain insight into how your training has impacted the business like never before.

Finally, hone your craft while using IDG as the platform allows you to compare past & current projects using a wide variety of factors, enabling you to understand how training will most effectively drive your business.